Request for Qualifications and Proposal

The Natchez U.S. Colored Troops Monument Committee is pleased to announce the release of a Request for Qualifications and Proposal (RFQP) from qualified firms and individuals to work with the committee and local community for conceptual and schematic designs for a monument in Natchez, Miss. This monument will honor the more than 3,000 African American men who served with six regiments at Fort McPherson in Natchez, Miss., as well those who served in the Navy who were born in Natchez.

We have made great progress since we started this project in 2021. We are now ready to release the RFQP seeking discovery, conceptual design and schematic design that will guide future phases of the project.

We are requesting your help in promoting and advertising this important project with your constituents, members, association, or journal, etc. We are also asking that you share the URL listed above through your social media platforms, email lists, and other means of mass communication available to you.

If you need additional information regarding this item, please contact Lance Harris at

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Remember: We want to share this document with as many qualified prospects as possible. If you know of an individual or firm that might have an interest in this project, please help us by sharing this information with them at your earliest opportunity.

You can download the RFQP by clicking here.